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July 26, 2022

Elective in Mountain Medicine winter 2023

The dates for the elective is 3 July to 11 August 2023 ( winter in the Southern Hemisphere  . All our activities will be based in South Island of New Zealand. It is aimed at final year medical students, but other year cohorts might be possible too.  Initially we thought only New Zealand based students would be interested but we are now gaining interest from students from overseas, which is super exciting!

This not a clinical elective- we will not be treating real injured patients- we will be using simulated patient scenarios. Otago University Medical School ( Wellington, Christchurch and Dunedin campuses ) have approved this but if you are based elsewhere, you need to check that your Deanery will accept this.

We are aware that some participants will already have some alpinism experience and others may have limited experience. Similarly, some of the participants have already been volunteering or working as responders ie volunteer community responder or bike patrol and some will have no pre-hospital experience at all.  All technical skills elements will be divided according to skill and experience and will be delivered by professional guides. We will all work together and help each other to become the best practitioners we can be. This is not a competitive elective – ie “no egos; jut good medicine”

Our first information meeting via zoom will be hosted on Wednesday 10 August 19.30 NZT which is GMT+12. If you would like to participate in that, please send an email to  . We need the name of your medical school, the dates of your elective and a brief description of yourself  ( simply to screen out bots and  scammers).

This is going to be a super exciting 6 weeks  elective and we are stoked about sharing our love for Mountain Medicine with you!






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